Product Review: Beautiful Textures

For everyone that asks me what I put on my natural hair, these products are from one of my favorite lines.


OK Ladies! Here it is! (The Curvy Girl Affect Fitness Challenge)

Ok, so I JUST found the notebook with our mini guidelines. LOL So this is just something that can keep us on track a little. Many have said are struggling to stay on this thang! (including myself) So I came up with a few tips we should all maybe commit too, so that we can hold each other accountable. Keep in mind, I (nor any of us for that matter) is a fitness expert/ weight loss expert so all suggestions are welcome! Just email me at Also I wanna have a meet up at the end of the summer or something, I think that would be cool! LOL 

So here is what I came up with: 

1. WerkOut 3 days a week: Me and Ashley came up with 3 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or Thursday if you are a busy Friday person) this can be 30-60 minutes of Cardio, work out videos, walking (It’s getting nice out!!)¬†

2. MEAL DAYS! So I could imagine we all want to change out eating habits a tad! Harold’s and Beggars is cool, (Chicago people) but we can’t live off that! COOK! lol So we have the following:¬†

Meatless Monday-No meats, just veggies, or veggies and what ever else. This might not be hard for some, because not everyone eats meat. For example, I only eat fish, chicken and Turkey (but I WILL have the occasional burger when I want it.) 

No Carb Wednesday: Now, there are good carbs and bad carbs, but lets cut them all for the day! So an example day would be fruits, veggies and meat. Here is a link to better understand good/bad carbohydrates

Clean Eating Thursday: Pretty Much Self Explanatory. Clean eating consist of eating no processed foods. Here is a link to a few clean eating recipes  Can never have enough of those right? Also, If you have any you want to share, please email them to me at and we will feature them!!!! 

3. EAT BREAKFAST!!! It speeds up your metabolism, even if its just a piece of fruit or a smoothie. 

4. Keep A workout/ eating journal. I once heard someone say that it helps when you can see what your are eating, and the activities you are doing, it pushes you to do better. 

5. Lay OFF the Pop! (soda): I know its hard! But I’m a witness *shouts* lol I haven’t drank pop on a regular for about 2 years now. I DO have one every once in a while. (My last one was the beginning or March) But don’t make it a staple in your diet. If you drink one a day, try to limit to one every other day, then 2 a week, then one a week. Baby steps ladies. Baby steps. Read the following article.¬†

*Bonus, get a scale with a tracker. Also, please don’t think I’m just blowing smoke lmao! This is for myself as well! Often times we know the tools, we just need others to encourage us!¬†

Furthermore, I will be posting Pintrest Links (the greatest website ever), and information that I find for you all. If you would like to post, please feel free to join the challenge and post here,, or email me at See ya! 

The Curvy Girl Affect Fitness/Weight loss Challenge

So If you all know or not I am hosting a fitness challenge. Less of a challenge, more of an accountability support group. This is a small group of people who want to get in shape or loose weight. The goal of the group is to encourage one another, and share materials that may help each person reach their personal goal. If you are interested in joining, request to join here, and someone will accept you right away!

Mixing Prints and Patterns (Cause I’m fancy like that)

So I’ve seen people like Solange, Rihanna,Emma Watson and others with fly mixed prints and patterns! Its used to be almost taboo to mix different prints, but I’ve found it to be in lately and just darn stylish. Now as I’ve been reading, you can’t just mix any old thing together, there is a method to the madness of course. Things like texture, color, small prints, large prints etc. Here are a couple tips or “print mixin’ shortcuts” ¬†I’ve gathered that might help a tad.¬†

1. When mixing animal prints, mix one realistic print, and one more abstract and artful. 

2. Thick stripes and tweed 

3. Floral print (usually bottoms) and soft stripes

4. ALWAYS consider color choices (color blocking and black and whites are always my favs)

5.Look for patterns that compliment each other

6. Include some neutrals and solids if you can, or if you feel its too much

7.Consider the density of the prints. Mix those. ex. small/medium polka dot shirt, and large striped skirt, or pants. 

8.ACCESSORIZE! But please solid bags, shoes etc lol

9.Small stripes and large stripes are always fun to me…

10. Cheetah and Leopard goes with more then you may think..(I uses it as a solid *hangs head in shame*)

**Bonus…lace is sexxay with anything¬†

Here are a few people that have done it well! 








Victoria’s Secret SEMI-ANNUAL

Ok. SO. Its that time of year again. Its better than Christmas. Its better that your birthday. Its better than Groundhog day..Its SEMI-ANNUAL. For those of you who are un-familiar, Semi-Annual is a sale held by Victoria’s Secret (and some other stores) twice a year. Once in January, and once in June I believe. And when I say SALE.. I mean SALE. Everything you wanted, needed from there you can get for¬†at least¬†50% off. Its incredible. And what I love about this sale is they are not stingy and mark down the things that no one wants. ALL the good stuff, and some things they may have discontinued comes back! This sale is going on until January 14th, and will be back in June! I will be posting my little trinkets on another post with my SEMI-ANNUAL Do’s and Don’ts! Happy Shoppin’!